Hip Hop age limit? When are you too old to be a new artist?

Can an artist be to old to consider rap as a career? Can you have a late start and still reach the top? With millions, yes millions of people who feel they have what it takes to be a rap super star, have any of them missed the boat due something as simple as their birth date?

Kap-er: “It’s hard to start a rap career with a major label at  ages 35 -45 when the buyers market may have parents that age.” – “What 45 year old would want to listen to a 26 year old A&R telling him what’s hot?”- “How can an older artist relate to young a listeners needs when he’s been there done that?”

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One Response to Hip Hop age limit? When are you too old to be a new artist?

  1. V says:

    “All you old rappers trying to advance/
    It’s all over now, take it like a man/
    Niggas lookin like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick/
    Tryin to player hate on my shit, you eat a fat dick” ~ 2Pac (Against All Odds)

    You have to be at least affiliated, rubbed shoulder with or signed with big times players in the music business “before” the age of 30 to blow. Ex: Jim Jones (was Cam’ron hype man from day 1 of Cam’s career, rapping with Untertainment and signed with Diplomat Records BEFORE 30), Jay Electronica (had his first major deals BEFORE 30), Rick Ross (Trick Daddy, Luke, Slip-N-Slide Records, was Trina’s hype man and feature rapper BEFORE 30), Tony Yayo (was 50’s hype man, running and performing with 50 BEFORE 30) UGK Bun B & Pimp C was making lots of noise independently and feature with majored artist BEFORE 30, Jay-Z was making noise independently in NYC before 30, even the Birdman was selling independently with Cash Money in New Orleans before the Universal Deal (that’s why Universal gave them such a great deal in the first place)…

    Every dude who blew after 30 nationally and internationally AFTER 30 was already known and popping “before” 30 so by time it was their turn they were already on fire, in demand and a force to be reckoned with, they just needed that major distribution and marketing machine behind them.

    Every major artist we know today got on in the teens and 20’s… It’s been that way since hip-hop first started. Hip-Hop/Rap is a young man’s game… Even Pac & Big were young. Do your research! 30 has always been the unwritten cut off limit in the hip-hop industry. The Hip-Hop crowd wants was new, young, fresh, hot, sexy, energetic and rebellious. If you aint on by 30, you better just be rapping for the love of the art because nobody outside of your local community (family, friends and town) is going to be checking for you. If you get in the game before 30 you have a career for as long as you can make the music people want to hear, if not people aren’t going to give you a chance because “grandfathers”, jail birds and married men aren’t cool.

    At the end of the day, all of you unsigned/unheard of rappers can only be mad at yourselves for not doing what you were supposed to be doing when you were at the age you were supposed to for whatever the reason. Find another lane in The Game, being a young rapper isn’t the only way to be involved in the music business. Be a manager, producer, marketer, promoter or etc…

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