Haute Talk: APPLE iSuccess!

The APPLE phenomenon…how much their profits increased recently.  Is Apple’s technology the best for the masses? (click link below to listen)


The iPhone has been called overrated by some, but after using it for some time now, I found it to be an advanced well designed device that provides readily available technology at your fingertips with the right cell phone service.

I think it is worth the switch from it’s rivals like Android operated phones or Blackberry because it offers better capabilities. First off, iPhone offers tons of free apps to keep you preoccupied. As of January 2011 there were 60,000 apps available; many of them are free. I was playing Angry Birds for a while and my producer Kap-er apparently thinks I have an addiction because every time he saw me he would whistle the theme music. Maybe he forgot it because I graduated to Words With Friends, My Town & Top Girl…Kap knows I have to keep my boyfriend happy.

> Anyway…based on iPhone’s advancements & Siri the phone’s personal assistant, by Q4, the iPhone 4S boosted Apple’s profits by 118% compared to 1st Q. Apple sold 37 million iPhones in the 4th Q with a net income of $13 billion. I wonder if they expected to rival themselves in products? Reportedly their is a decline in iPod sales because consumers are moving away from the stand alone MP3 music devices & seeking devices like the iPhone, which has all of those capabilities.

All of the iPhone hype started with iPod, which allowed people to carry their entire music library anywhere. iPod was introduced to the world in 2001 & eventually enabled consumers to store video as well.

I found it interesting when I learned that Apple had patent disputes about the iPod line & its technology. Advanced Audio Devices claimed Apple breached its patent on a “music jukebox”. Creative Technology also filed a lawsuit against Apple because it felt that iPod infringed on its own MP3 “rotational user inputs” (music selection interface) patent. Creative went as far as having the US International Trade Commission investigate Apple to find out whether Apple was breaching US trade laws by importing iPods into the United States. In the end Apple settled with Creative for $100 million for using Creative’s patent in Apple products. I guess most technology companies borrow from another companies ideas and just innovate to make a more advanced product.

In honor of Black History month: I’d like to bring to the attention of those that don’t know, the genius, Dr. Mark Dean. He is responsible for inventing the first one gigahertz computer processor chip & the ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) which is a computer bus that enables multiple devices such as modems & printers to connect to PCs. The 1 gigahertz processor chip which enables computers to be faster & smaller. He owns a total of 20 patents, which 3 of them are 3 of 9 IBM patents. He is an IBM Fellow, which is the highest level of technical excellence at the company. Also, he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1997.


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