Haute Talk: What the Hell is Wrong with Women?!

Do women have a reason to have a stand-off demeanor with other women? Or are they just naturally insecure? This topic is an eye opener

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I found myself being in situations where a person will try to befriend me and then try to be competitive. I think competitive nature between women relates to envy. There are some who covet others belongings or maybe something about the person they like but will never complement them about it. That could be a trait of  Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD as psychologists call it is a personality disorder which an individual is obsessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige & adequacy. I was at a clothing store with a friend and the salesperson was staring at me & when I turn around she said she liked my hair, I said thank you & then asked me if I needed help. I asked about some shoes… To make a long story short, because they didn’t have the shoes in my size, I asked her if I could order them from another store.  After walking to the register, looking up the shoes & I could see the 6 1/2 on the screen through a reflection. She told me that the Internet was down & she couldn’t look it up. Later my friend said she overheard her saying something to a co-worker about how her father is wealthy and going on and on about the businesses he owns. I think that is a perfect example of the lengths some will go through based on their feelings of inadequacy.

Another reason women have some issues is due to insecurity. I wonder sometimes why they feel so insecure. Is their relationships making them feel that way or did something happen in their past? Women tend to not want other women around their significant other for any reason. A waitress can’t take a man’s order without the female getting upset because she may be attractive or attentive. If you have the man you shouldn’t be insecure unless he is cheating or has made you feel another woman is a threat.  In any case, women shouldn’t take their frustrations out on the woman. This is when their relationship should be re-evaluated. A man should always make a woman feel like she is the special lady in his life.

Are women just totally crazy? please leave your comments below.


In honor of Black History month: I’d like to talk about Madame CJ Walker who owned and founded her own manufacturing company.  She developed and marketed a successful beauty and hair care line. Also she owned a cosmetology school called Lelia College in Pittsburg. She wad born Sara Breedlove and acquired the name Madame CJ Walker after her 3rd marriage to Charles Joseph Walker, a newspaper advertising salesman. She was inducted into the Junior Achievement US Business Hall of Fame, the Nation Women’s Hall of Fame, the National Cosmetology Hall of Fame, and the National Direct Sales Hall of Fame. 136th Street between Lenox Ave & 7th Ave was named after her in 12/2010. The Guinness Book of Records cites her as the first American woman to become a self-made millionaire.


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One Response to Haute Talk: What the Hell is Wrong with Women?!

  1. Angela Randolph says:

    I just wanted to inform your readers of this very important fact – Madame C.J. Walker’s historic company still exists today and has never stopped manufacturing all of the original hair oils! Anyone who visits our website at http://www.madamewalker.net can view and purchase the full product line.

    The website also contains valuable information about the stock / asset sale (including the ability to view the stock certificates) and Raymond Randolph’s purchase of the original Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company in 1985 from the Walker Trustees in Indianapolis, Indiana and how the Randolph Family continues to keep Madame Walker’s true legacy alive.

    To promote the entrepreneurial spirit that Madame Walker exemplified, the website provides individuals the opportunity to become a Walker Agent and sell Madame C.J. Walker products. By clicking on the “Distributor” tab, you will see agents located in the United States, Canada, France, Bahamas, Nigeria, Dubai, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

    September 2011 marked the Centennial Anniversary of the incorporation of Madame C.J. Walker’s historic company – doing business today as Madame C.J. Walker Enterprises. On September 24th, 2011 we commemorated this event with the “Tracing the Footsteps of a Legacy” 100th Year Celebratory Walk. You can visit our website to view the Souvenir Program.

    Due to our ownership of Madame’s historic company and the historical documents and memorabilia of the company, the Randolph Family can provide the most detailed and historically accurate information about Madame C.J. Walker and her company by calling toll free, 866-552-2838, by clicking on the “Frequently Asked Questions” FAQS tab of our website, or by going to the contact us page of our website.

    Angela Randolph

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