Haute Talk: Forgiveness.Is It real?

Tonight on Haute talk we will discuss forgiveness. Is it real? Can we forgive and forget?
Hosted by Mimi. Follow the link to listen

MIMI: “Most of the time people can say they forgive someone, but we hear stories all the time when people say they forgive a person they may have had some conflict with, but they still hold grudges. Tonight we will explore what forgiveness is and how to be truly forgiving.”

” If you are a Judeo-Christian you are familiar with what the bible says. The bible says that Jesus forgave not 7 times but 77 times. However, he was perfect and although he is an example to follow and we are striving for perfection, most times if someone has done something significantly damaging you begin to look at them with the crooked eye. For me personally I think some issues are not that serious and think…well I’ll just let it go. But when faced with a situation when the person does you dirty provokes other thoughts about what regard you hold the person. I think behavior like cheating on someone will not allow me to trust a spouse and I would have to exit the relationship…meaning I have the capacity to possibly be friends, but I can’t forgive the infidelity to continue the relationship. People get mad over the smallest insignificant things and act like they can’t forgive. Most of the problem is communication & some of the problem may be immaturity.”



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